So if you know anyone who’s been to art and design school or who’s a practicing artist/designer you’ve probably noticed that we see the world through a bit of a critical lens. Some of us have gotten our leses stuck.  Whether it’s your friend who feels ne need to comment on the type in every single ad or movie poster (yep, me), or the guy who complains about the push/pull affordances of the door handle at work (guilty again actually). My friends, professors and I actually have a bit of a game of spotting particularly bad, weird, or just plain wrong designs or implementations and plenty of pictures get MMS, email, and shown around during class.  Here’s a recent one I’ve found in the parking lot of a small strip center that we SCAD-Atlanta students often frequent (Panera and Willies only a 5-6 minute drive from school).

Sign - Do Not (Leave) Valuables In Vehicle

Does someone want to explain this to me?

Sign - Do Not Leave) Valuables In Vehicle

Oh it only gets worse. Found this one behind R. Thomas Grill.